Financial Management

Streamline your financial management by monitoring all related transactions, such as student fees, installment agreements and teachers’ payments, all in one place.

What is it about?

DreamClass offers the utilities you need to manage all student-related data, in the best possible way. It’s more than student information management software; and thus, helps school administrators and teachers perform fundamental administrative tasks:

Work on your financials and take action in time

Get a snapshot of your financials on the main page of your account, as an administrator. Make the most of the dashboard; it gives you an overview of the latest incoming and outgoing payments; and respective due dates, with links to teachers’ and students’ profiles that help you find out more details, with a few clicks.

Keep track of your students’ payments history

Easily view and print students’ payments, for your record. Filter students with outstanding payments and notify them in time.

Keep teachers updated regarding their payments

Teachers can keep an eye on their payment notes, so they can stay updated and resolve any issues in time. In particular, once payments are added by administrators, they’re available on teachers’ profiles, to be reviewed.

Students’ payments available on their profile

Students are able to view initial tuition fee agreements, installments (if any) and payment notes. This way, they can take care of their due payments on time.

Accept payments from popular payment systems

Allow parents, guardians and students to take care of their tuition fees through the payment gateway of their preference, for maximum convenience. DreamClass supports Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree.

Key benefits

  • Have tuition fees and payroll information gathered in one place and monitor all your financials efficiently. 
  • Reduce paperwork and help administrators save time in retrieving payment notes.  
  • Easily notify students regarding pending payments
  • Keep teachers updated regarding their payments and resolve issues in advance
  • Manage and monitor online payments from convenient, popular payment systems