Al Itqan Academy: Enlightening Minds, Empowered by DreamClass

The thing I like the most is when you click on students' name and you see all the relevant information about that particular student, attendance, study progress, guardians, payments, etc.

Farid Hashim
General Manager, Al Itqan Academy

About Al Itqan Academy

For over a decade, Al Itqan Academy has been a beacon of excellence in nurturing Australian Muslim youth, guided by the principles of the Quran and Sunnah. With a vision to create exemplary contributors to society, the academy offers a distinctive blend of Islamic teachings and contemporary education. Covering subjects from Quran and Hadith to English, Mathematics, History, Ethics, and the Prophets’ Biography, Al Itqan prepares students not just for success in this world but also for spiritual growth in the Hereafter.

The challenge

Bridging Gaps in School Management

Al Itqan Academy faced a set of challenges as it expanded, including the complexities of payment and invoice settlement, the need for a more user-friendly mobile version of DreamClass, and the timely update of students’ daily progress in specific subjects. The absence of an automated system for marking invoices as paid increased administrative workload, and a user-friendly mobile version of DreamClass was essential for better accessibility.

Farid expressed these challenges, stating, “An automated payment system would significantly streamline our financial processes. A more user-friendly mobile version or a dedicated app would greatly enhance the experience for both guardians and our teachers. Finding effective ways to efficiently document and report on students’ progress is essential to ensure their academic success.”

The solution

DreamClass – Transformative School Management

Realizing the need for a School Management System (SMS) to address these challenges, Al Itqan Academy chose DreamClass. The decision was based on a thorough comparison with other systems, highlighting DreamClass’s better services and affordability.

Farid emphasized, By comparing it with other systems, I believe DreamClass stands out, offering better and  more affordable services.

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The Result

Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Communication

Since integrating DreamClass into their daily operations almost a year ago, Al Itqan Academy has experienced transformative outcomes. Daily use of the platform, especially for payment management, has become a routine for both Farid and his team.

Farid highlighted the impactful aspects, “Payment methods, student progress, communicating with guardians – DreamClass has made these aspects significantly more efficient.”

DreamClass Experience: Simplifying School Management

The DreamClass platform has been actively utilized by Farid and his teachers, providing an efficient means to communicate with guardians and manage the challenges associated with a growing student population.

Farid explained, “The thing I like the most is when you click on a student’s name and you see all the relevant information about that particular student – attendance, study progress, guardians, payments, etc.”

The implementation of DreamClass has also streamlined communication with guardians, making tasks such as sending bulk SMS or emails and producing semester reports more efficient.

Embrace the Future with DreamClass:

A Companion Beyond Expectations

Farid Hashim, General Manager at Al Itqan Academy, has found in DreamClass a reliable partner that exceeds expectations. Reflecting on the support received from the DreamClass team, Farid notes, I always received a quick and positive response and assistance from the DreamClass support team.

Unveiling the Key Benefits and Recommendations

DreamClass has seamlessly managed the overall operations of Al Itqan Academy, offering tangible time savings. The platform’s efficiency in communicating with guardians, producing semester reports, and centralizing essential student information quantifies its impact. Farid recommends DreamClass to other schools facing similar challenges, emphasizing, For an enhanced management of the school system, DreamClass is the answer.”

A Future Aligned with Excellence

Embracing the future with DreamClass means more than just adopting a school management software; it’s about forging a transformative partnership. Al Itqan Academy continues its journey of academic excellence and spiritual growth, empowered by DreamClass as a reliable ally.

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