K-12 Schools

Manage all of your processes efficiently, affordably, at a fraction of the time, with DreamClass. Get professional level school management for your K-12 school, improving the experience for you and your students.

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  • Manage your students
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  • Manage Invoicing & Payments
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  • Manage your Admissions
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All you need for your K-12 school, on a single platform!

With DreamClass, you get the best the world of technology has to offer, in an easy-to-use, affordable, all-round solution. Become and remain productive, retaining control over your K-12 school, at a fraction of the time and money.

Online admissions, enrollment and student profiles

Create student profiles and manage admissions, enrollment and individual student performance. Automate virtually all of your tasks, helping administrators and teachers save time; all, while eliminating mistakes stemming from manual paperwork.

Easy attendance & gradebook management and automated notifications

Easy, online attendance management allows for absolute control of your classes, avoiding accidental omissions or tedious, error-prone processes. You can even do it remotely! Attendance may also be delegated to teachers, reducing costs and overhead. Instantly share attendance data and immediately notify parents and guardians, as needed. Create and manage your gradebooks with automations, stored centrally.

Online assessments and supervision

Allow teachers, students and parents or guardians to perform assessments online. It’s as simple as a text-based form. All assessments are automatically saved to the student’s or teacher’s profile, for future reference. Rest easy, with reliable insights into teachers’ and students’ performance.

Online invoicing, payments and sponsorship management

Streamline your financials, keeping tabs on invoicing, payments and installments, and sponsorships, all in one place. Manage and monitor online payments from convenient, popular payment systems. DreamClass supports Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree.

Features available on all plans

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