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DreamClass helps you efficiently manage all of your processes. Enjoy professional school management for any educational institution, in minutes!

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Create your classes, subjects and curriculum remotely. Add your teachers, enroll your students and assign them to classes. Create schedules and get started, in minutes.


Keep teachers, students and guardians up to date, at all times. Give them access to their own portals and send out timely notifications whenever you need.


No more tedious attendance, scheduling, assessments and grading. Also, re-enroll existing students, massively add new ones and use timesaving automation.

Get a fully functional feature set for 14 days or start as low as $39/mo.

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Manage all of your processes efficiently, regardless of the size of your educational institution.

Program Management

  • Build, organize and modify your curriculum structure, online
  • Create a seamless representation of classes and training subjects, in moments
  • Easily create, modify and share your bell schedule with students and teachers
  • Control teaching capacity and class hours


  • Assign teachers to classes and teaching subjects
  • Add teachers to new school periods, with ease
  • Allow teachers to assess students and to create and manage gradebooks through their own portal
  • Track your payroll, per school period

Students & Admissions

  • Register new students or add new ones, in seconds; assign them to groups, classes and subjects
  • Create grading periods and produce automated gradebooks, keeping everyone updated
  • Update student and guardian information, through student profiles
  • Keep students updated on attendance, performance, timetables, payments and incoming communications through their own portal

Administration & Financials

  • Track attendance online, for easy management and instant notifications
  • Keep track of tuition fees, outstanding payments and installments
  • Receive payments from popular payment systems, such as  Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree
  • Manage announcements and notifications with mass emails

Works for any type of school

Educational Classes

Primary and elementary schools, secondary and high schools, K12, colleges and universities.

Dance Classes

Providing professional dance education, including dance schools or colleges, typically focused on dance education.

Music Classes


Includes school of music, music academy, music faculty, college of music, music department and conservatory.

Art Classes

Focused on visual arts, fine arts, liberal arts and sciences, with programs up to undergraduate level.

Sport Classes

Sport-specific training, designed to prevent injury while building strength and leveraging athletic development.

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