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Manage all of your processes efficiently, regardless of the size of your educational institution.

Class Management

  • Build, organize and modify your curriculum structure, online
  • Create a seamless representation of classes and training subjects, in moments
  • Easily create, modify and share your bell schedule with students and teachers
  • Control teaching capacity and class hours

Students & Admissions

  • Register new students or add new ones, in seconds; assign them to groups, classes and subjects
  • Create grading periods and produce automated gradebooks, keeping everyone updated
  • Update student and guardian information, through student profiles
  • Keep students updated on attendance, performance, timetables, payments and incoming communications through their own portal


  • Assign teachers to classes and teaching subjects
  • Add teachers to new school periods, with ease
  • Allow teachers to assess students and to create and manage gradebooks through their own portal
  • Track your payroll, per school period

Administration & Financials

  • Track attendance online, for easy management and instant notifications
  • Keep track of tuition fees, outstanding payments and installments
  • Receive payments from popular payment systems, such as  Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay and Braintree
  • Manage announcements and notifications with mass emails

Works for any type of school

K-12 Schools

Get professional level school management for your K-12 school, improving the experience for you and your students.

Vocational School

Offering secondary or post-secondary education on vocational or technical skills, to help people seek employment on specific jobs.

Faith-based School

Offering the general education of a K-12 school, with a particular religious character, or formal links with a faith-based organization.

Summer School

Usually sponsored programs of limited duration, providing structured educational activities during the summer break.


Also known as play-school, nursery or pre-primary school, preschool is offering early education for children, before primary education.

Music School

Includes school of music, music academy, music faculty, college of music, music department and conservatory.

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