About DreamClass

Regardless of the size of your school, academy or studio DreamClass helps you efficiently manage all of your processes.

Be it school, dance studio, gym, academy or any educational institution all of your administrative operations regarding classes, instructors and students are now easily supported.

An easy to use, affordable solution for any educational organization.

Meet our team

Lefteris Trimintzios portrait

Lefteris Trimintzios
CEO, Co-founder

Giorgos Tesseris portrait

George Tesseris
CTO, Co-founder

Dimitris Tsingos
Co-founder & President

Lids Diavolitsi
Sales & Marketing Officer

Angeliki Bekyra
Vice President, Support
& Customer Success

Dimitris Koukis
Software Architect

Andrew Filippatos
Software Engineer

Serafeim Zachos
Software Developer

Our Advisors

Angeliki Simitzi portrait

Angeliki Simintzi

Effie Kirikakis portrait

Effie Kirikakis

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