Set it up and start at the stroke of a pen

Create classes, assign teachers, enroll students and run successfully your educational organization.

Key features

With a core of services that can be adapted or augmented to cover any special needs, DreamClass becomes your “personal assistant” from day 1.

Program Management

Easily structure your programme, create groups of courses, classes and define their characteristics.

Admissions Management

Register students, distribute them to class groups and trace their journey till graduation.

Staff Management

Coordinate and supervise teachers, secretaries, administrative assistants and all of your supporting staff.

Academic Management

Efficiently manage all basic academic processes such as assessments, attendance tracking and grading.

Financial Management

Monitor all of your financials payments per student, pending and overdue payments, installments.

Student Portfolio

Classify and easily access all of your student-related information such as personal and general information.

Classroom Management

Create class groups, set teaching hours and map them with classrooms.

Student & Guardian Portal

Show notifications and give parents and students access to essential information such as timetables, students’ attendance and financials.

Teacher Portal

Give restricted access rights to your teachers with basic functionalities such as classroom reservations/cancellations and viewing students info

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