Preschool institutions

Manage all of your pre-school institution processes online, with efficiency, affordably, at a fraction of the time you used to need. 

Features are fully functional for 7 days.
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  • Manage your admissions and timetables
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  • Handle financials and tuition fees
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  • Communicate with parents and guardians
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DreamClass was practically designed for you!

Preschool institutions are hard to manage. Get all the best treats of online technology, with easy-to-use, affordable, all-round school management software. Gain control over your pre-school institution, today!

Manage admissions

Design a paperless student admissions process that can be managed from anywhere, anytime. Customize your admission forms and create your own reusable templates, for greater productivity.

Easy and effective communication

Get in touch with parents and guardians in moments, with emails and notifications. Keep them posted of every important bit of information; including kids’ performance and their wellbeing.

Handle financials and tuition fees

Keep tabs on your finances, including special agreements, custom installments and outstanding payments, with regard to tuition fees. Send email notifications to parents and guardians in time and stay one step ahead of schedule, for peace of mind.

Share notes and assessments

Teachers can perform assessments and keep shareable notes for every student, per school period and per class. Parents and guardians can be kept up to date, through their own, personal access portal. With small children, social behavior is important. Now, parents are always in the know.

Set classes based on activities

Love to teach your young students about music, art or language? Setting up your customized classes for different activities is a breeze. You can even use your class structure and imaginative subjects as a template for next year, too!

Manage Timetables and take Attendance

Class moved or canceled? No problem! Notify parents in moments, with easy and fast timetable management and notifications. Take attendance online, for better organization and immediate insights. It’s so easy, the teacher can do it themselves!

Features available on all plans