Immanuel School of Music: Composing the Melody of Success with DreamClass

What used to be a full-time job, I now finish in a few hours a week and I can easily pull up info and collect info much faster. It is also easier for other admin and teachers to log in and see who is signed up for what.

Michaela Hibbard
Office Manager & Cello Teacher/Strings Faculty, ISM

About Immanuel School of Music

For over a decade, the Immanuel School of Music (ISM) has been a beacon of quality music education, nurturing the talents of countless students in Northern Kentucky. The school offers private lessons for a diverse range of instruments, as well as orchestra and choir classes — among other programs. Within its halls, you’ll find award-winning orchestras, and choirs — including the esteemed Southbank Quartet — led by a teaching faculty of 30 professional musicians, all holding university degrees in their discipline. 

With an impressive roster of 650 students and 36 teachers, ISM has rightfully earned its place among the most prominent music education programs in the region. However, as the school’s reputation soared to new heights, so did the challenges it faced. Rapid growth brought forth several practical issues for the dedicated team of administrators and teachers. Among them was Michaela Hibbard, the ISM’s Office Manager and Cello Teacher, who found herself at the forefront of navigating these challenges.

The challenge

Trying to Manage a Growing Number of Students with Outdated Systems

As the school expanded, managing larger numbers of students with the systems and tools the administrators were using at the time, became a daunting task. As Michaela revealed, “The school grew rapidly in a short amount of time and it was tricky to manage larger amounts of students with the outdated systems we had back then.”  

Moreover, when Michaela took over the role of the Office Manager, she needed a way to complete her workload faster. She also needed a way to make it more efficient, as she had to balance her time between teaching and managing the school. That’s when she and the rest of the team decided to look for a system that could provide suitable solutions while supporting the school’s ongoing growth.

On a Quest to Discover the Best Solution

Determined to find the best solution for their school, Michaela and her colleagues delved into thorough online research. At that point, they had already realized the importance of centralizing student-related data which were previously scattered across various systems and spreadsheets. 

Highlighting the urgency for a more efficient solution, Michaela shared: “We needed a system that could keep all info in one place, admission forms, family info, payment info, contact info, etc. Before DreamClass, we had one system that did the forms, then another software that did the payments, so I had to keep track of it all using a spreadsheet.”

Their pursuit centered on a single goal: to find a comprehensive School Management System (SMS) that could cater to the school’s unique needs and optimize its administrative processes.

The solution

Finding a School Management System That Could Cater to Their Unique Needs

DreamClass quickly caught the ISM team’s attention, as it presented precisely what they had been searching for — a unified platform that could consolidate student information and streamline administrative tasks. What stood out in DreamClass was the flexibility it offered, along with its capability to manage admissions, track payments, and directly send invoices to parents.

Needless to say, the team was delighted with the discovery. Michaela expressed their satisfaction, stating, “[…] all the info was in one place!  And it can be adapted to our specific needs. Also, the ability to send invoices to parents was huge for us!!”

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The Result

Creating their Own DreamClass Experience

Over the past year, the ISM team has been actively utilizing DreamClass on a daily basis, logging in from Monday to Friday. As the school’s Office Manager, Michaela relies on DreamClass primarily for managing admission forms, invoicing parents, and tracking payments. Teachers also benefit from the platform, using it mainly for attendance tracking and checking their classes.

Without a doubt, DreamClass has proven invaluable to Michaela and her colleagues by solving problems they might not have been able to tackle on their own. To illustrate, here’s what they achieved using DreamClass:

Gathered Student Data in a Centralized Place

The implementation of DreamClass marked an advantageous transformation for the ISM team. One of the most striking advantages the team experienced was the centralization of all student information within a unified dashboard.

Thanks to DreamClass, the ISM team now enjoys seamless access to a comprehensive repository of student data. This newfound convenience has led to streamlined operations, facilitated informed decision-making, and strengthened collaboration among team members. As a result, DreamClass has not only enhanced the school’s administrative processes but also helped cultivate an environment that prioritizes students’ education and support.

Improved Financial Management

In addition, offering a robust invoicing and payment tracking system, DreamClass has greatly helped Michaela with financial tasks, as well: “It has been so helpful to be able to invoice parents for classes/lessons. Before DreamClass, I had to email them and there was no easy way to send them an itemized list or bill other than just writing it out in the email.” Now, she can easily provide parents with detailed invoices, eliminating the need for lengthy and time-consuming email explanations.

DreamClass’s capability to send invoices to parents has significantly improved the payment process, benefiting both the school and parents by providing a much simpler and more efficient method.

Streamlined Administrative Processes and School Management

The implementation of DreamClass has changed school management at ISM for the better, significantly improving its ease and efficiency. With DreamClass in place, accessing information has become a seamless process, allowing administrators and teachers to access and manage student lists and relevant data with ease.

Michaela’s firsthand experience provides valuable insight into the positive impact of DreamClass: “What used to be a full-time job, I now finish in a few hours a week and I can easily pull up info and collect info much faster. It is also easier for other admin and teachers to log in and see who is signed up for what.”

She further emphasizes, During Covid, and before DreamClass, I was working 16 hours a week. Now, I usually log 4-6 hours a week.” Thanks to this substantial time saving, Michaela can now dedicate more time to essential tasks, optimizing her contributions to the school both as a manager and a teacher. 

“DreamClass is your answer”

Considering the significant advancements in school management achieved with the help of DreamClass, along with its capacity to effectively address specific issues stemming from rapid growth and outdated systems, Michaela highly recommends DreamClass to other educational institutions facing similar hurdles:

“Dreamclass can solve many problems for schools that are growing rapidly and may have outdated systems. If you need an easy-to-use tool with all your info in one place, this is your answer!”

With Michaela’s resounding endorsement, it is evident that DreamClass goes beyond being just a school management software – it becomes an invaluable partner in transforming administrative processes and facilitating growth for educational institutions.

Embrace this Opportunity to Boost Efficiency and Simplify School Management

As educational institutions increasingly seek modern solutions to optimize their operations, DreamClass stands out as a reliable tool, helping teachers and managers, like Michaela, to focus on what matters most — providing quality education to their students.

Through their collaboration with the DreamClass team, the Immanuel School of Music found the perfect ensemble to overcome obstacles, and harmonize with their goal to offer unparalleled music education. Michaela’s beautiful words deeply resonate with their mission: “Immanuel is a place where music and fine arts are highly valued and appreciated. We believe that music is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, and we are glad to share that gift with you.”

At DreamClass, we are overjoyed to have supported the Immanuel School of Music in its mission of sharing this invaluable gift with the world. Thank you for the music, ISM!

If your school is currently experiencing challenges similar to those faced by the Immanuel School of Music, remember that you don’t have to navigate them on your own. Embrace the opportunity to boost efficiency and streamline your school management processes by adopting DreamClass!

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