Reaching New Heights: The AerojetAviation Training Academy’s Journey to Success with DreamClass

DreamClass has helped eliminate paperwork by 60%! We barely need storage for academic paperwork. For example, assignments, grade books, and student databases are all paperless now.

Michelle Novelle
Senior Administrator, Aerojet Aviation Training Academy

About the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy

The Aerojet Aviation Training Academy was established in Ghana by Aerojet Aviation in 2023 as part of Aerojet’s flagship Accra MRO project. Its main responsibility is to train young Africans who aspire to become Certified Aircraft Technicians. The training is EASA B1-certified and lasts four years, including two years of practical experience. The academy also offers shorter modular courses that focus on specific skills, and they’re currently working on developing a flight crew program, too.

The academy is helping to address the shortage of skilled personnel in the aviation industry by providing training for all kinds of aviation-related careers. Right now, they train almost 50 students and employ 10 staff members in administrative and teaching roles.

Michelle Novelle is the Senior Administrator and Student Affairs Supervisor at Aerojet Aviation Training Academy. She is responsible for implementing the academy’s strategic goals and ensuring overall academic integrity.

We had the pleasure of talking with Michelle about the operational issues they faced, and how they leveraged DreamClass to overcome them. Join us, as we unravel the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy’s journey to success!

The challenge

In need of a centralized management system with communication capabilities

Right off the bat, our conversation with Michelle steered toward the obstacles the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy team encountered during the early months of their operation. The team quickly realized that they needed to efficiently store and maintain student records, facilitate internal communication, as well as manage grades for monitoring and assessing student progress.

According to Michelle, “Our initial obstacle involved finding an effective way to manage student records and data. We needed centralized storage and management of student records for easy access and info retrieval, like academic history, attendance, etc.”

She continued, “We also noticed that we had to improve internal communication. Moreover, we needed to streamline grade and exam management for the analysis of student grades or exam results, to track our students’ academic progress.”

Essentially, what Michelle and her team needed was a School Management System (SMS) that incorporates various functions, including communication and grading features. With that in mind, the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy team set out on a mission to find the most suitable SMS for their institution. 

The solution

A value-for-money School Management System that has it all!

Undoubtedly, the process of finding the right solution for an educational institution can be time-consuming and, often, unnerving. Nevertheless, the team was determined to discover a comprehensive SMS that would meet their requirements. That’s when they stumbled across DreamClass.

“After conducting a thorough analysis of available options, we opted for Dreamclass due to its cost-effectiveness and alignment with our budget,” said Michelle.

Suffice it to say, DreamClass was the clear standout among the alternative solutions, as it ticked all the boxes — and then some. With its unified interface for effortless management, robust gradebook feature, and top-of-the-line communication capabilities, DreamClass had it all! The team agreed that its rich feature set, combined with its competitive pricing, made DreamClass the obvious choice.

As Michelle shared with us, “I liked the comprehensive nature of Dreamclass, as it extends beyond personal records and academic databases. […] it encompassed all essential features for school management, from pre-onboarding processes to financial management and transcript generation!”

Additionally, the attendance feature brought an unexpected delight to the team. As Michelle highlighted: “At the time of evaluation, the attendance feature also stood out for its efficient approach to capturing and storing attendance records and its ability to determine the extent of lateness added value.”

Getting the most out of DreamClass every day

And, thus, Michelle and her colleagues have seamlessly integrated DreamClass into their work routine, extensively using its attendance, gradebook, report card, announcement, and schedule features.

“The administrators use DreamClass for continuous monitoring of various aspects which helps identify areas that may require improvement. One daily admin activity on the platform is inputting attendance data. We use all the data collated from attendance and academic performance to evaluate our students every quarter of the academic year,” she explained.

The team also uses the announcement functionality from time to time to share relevant information and relay news. Curious about how students use DreamClass, we inquired further. Michelle expanded on this, clarifying:

“Students access relevant information such as announcements, assignments as well as their academic progress for each subject. We take attendance very seriously at Aerojet, the students can monitor their attendance percentile. This helps them meet our attendance requirements.”

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The Result

Over the past months that the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy staff has been using DreamClass, it has proven to be an indispensable tool, enabling them to overcome challenges that would have otherwise been insurmountable.

During our discussion, Michelle shared her insights on the benefits they have been experiencing daily since they adopted DreamClass. Let’s delve into what she had to say!

Centralized Data, Seamless Communication, and Easy Task Management

Michelle shared the various benefits of DreamClass, noting, “There are numerous advantages, each contributing in its unique way.” Elaborating on these points, she offered further insights:

“Firstly, the presence of a centralized dashboard allows convenient access to pertinent information, encompassing academic records. The announcement feature has notably streamlined communication with students, enhancing overall efficiency. Moreover, it facilitates seamless and effective communication among stakeholders, ensuring everyone stays well-informed about crucial updates, events, and announcements.”

Moving on to the next point, she went on to explain, “Online lessons are scheduled and easily accessible to both students and instructors. Lastly, the bulk action feature plays a pivotal role in simplifying task completion, adding a layer of ease to various responsibilities.”

Improved Administrative Processes, Attendance Tracking, and Grade Management

By providing seamless access to crucial information, DreamClass has evolved into a fundamental component of the academy, promoting a more efficient and organized educational setting.

Michelle highlighted the transformative impact of DreamClass on administrative processes, noting, “DreamClass has improved administrative processes and provided the ability to conveniently retrieve relevant data, contributing to a more efficient and effective educational environment.”

She expanded on the specific areas of enhancement, stating, With DreamClass, we have streamlined the management of student and staff data, as well as schedules.” And further emphasized the positive impact of attendance tracking, explaining, “Attendance tracking has been beneficial for us in accessing attendance data, allowing us to quickly identify trends or issues.”

Highlighting the system’s versatility, she pointed out, “Moreover, DreamClass has provided easy input and management of grades, automated grade calculations, and report card generation.”

This comprehensive approach, she stressed, has significantly elevated the overall efficiency and functionality of educational administration at the Aerojet Aviation Training Academy.

Reduced Paperwork by 60%, Saving Valuable Time and Eliminating Errors

Michelle drew our focus to the transition toward a paper-free system facilitated by DreamClass, remarking, “DreamClass has helped eliminate paperwork (storage included) by 60%! We barely need storage for academic paperwork. For example, assignments, grade books, and student databases are all paperless now.

Beyond the evident time-saving aspect, this substantial reduction in paperwork assumes a critical role in error elimination, actively contributing to the team’s increased productivity.

Supported All the Way: Responsive and Proactive, Beyond Expectations

We proceeded to inquire about the level and quality of assistance Michelle and her colleagues received from the DreamClass team, aiming to assess overall satisfaction with the support they have experienced thus far.

“I must commend the DreamClass Support Team for their remarkable responsiveness. We have honestly wondered if they operate on a 24/7 no-snooze policy! They have demonstrated a keen understanding of our requirements, listened to our needs, and consistently professionally delivered results. I am exceedingly satisfied with their responsive and proactive approach!” Michelle enthusiastically attested.

DreamClass: An Invaluable Partner for Educational Institutions Seeking Efficiency

As we wrapped up our conversation, Michelle highlighted again the platform’s effectiveness in managing a significant volume of data, and fostering seamless communication among students, administrators, and teachers:

“As an administrator, Dreamclass has helped manage and organize all kinds of school data — from personal details to academics which has supported us in our decision-making processes. It has also effectively facilitated communication among students, admins, and Instructors. So, I highly recommend DreamClass to other schools facing similar challenges as ours.”

This final impression underscores the platform’s positive impact on the academy’s daily operations, making it an invaluable asset for educational institutions seeking efficiency.

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