Spirit Wellness Institute: Achieving Balance and Harmony in School Management with DreamClass

DreamClass offers a well-priced product backed by stellar customer service and product innovation. As a smaller school, DreamClass met our needs for an SMS, and consistently meets our needs for continuous product and service improvement. Always innovating, we appreciate the care and support they have for their customers. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Catheryn Schoenfarber
Owner and Founder, Spirit Wellness Institute

About Catheryn Schoenfarber and Spirit Wellness Institute:

Founded in 2017 by Catheryn Schoenfarber, the Spirit Wellness Institute (SWI) has been a dedicated hub for training massage therapists and offering industry-related CEU workshops. With a commitment to shaping the future of wellness, SWI boasts a faculty of 9 teachers and a student body of 33 individuals. Catheryn Schoenfarber, serving as the owner, founder, School and Admissions Director, and teacher, has been steering the institute towards success.

As SWI embarked on its mission, challenges surfaced, and Catheryn found herself grappling with the complexities of managing a growing school. The pressing issue of attendance, crucial for a clock-hour program with three separate cohorts, demanded a streamlined solution. In the pursuit of efficiency, SWI turned to DreamClass.

The challenge

Navigating Attendance Challenges in a Growing School

With three cohorts and a reliance on attendance in a clock-hour program, SWI faced the intricate task of generating comprehensive attendance reports. In their quest for a solution, SWI recognized the need for a School Management System (SMS) to efficiently manage attendance, grades, and student/teacher information.

The solution

DreamClass – A Comprehensive Solution Tailored to SWI’s Needs

In their search for an SMS, SWI discovered DreamClass through an online search. The decision to consider DreamClass was influenced by factors like pricing, support, ease of use, and growth potential. Catheryn emphasized DreamClass’s user-friendliness and the superior level of support offered.

Once SWI started using DreamClass, the most striking aspect was the ease with which they could manage classes, student enrollment, attendance, and the school calendar. The platform’s user-friendly nature and dedicated support played pivotal roles in SWI’s decision-making process.

Catheryn shared her initial impressions, “DreamClass was a game-changer. The pricing was reasonable, the support was excellent, and the platform itself was incredibly user-friendly. It addressed our specific needs.”

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The Result

Crafting an Efficient DreamClass Experience

Since January 2022, SWI has been actively using DreamClass to track attendance, enter grades, manage student enrollments, and create each period’s school calendar. Although students currently do not use the platform, teachers, the Administrative Consultant, and Catheryn rely on DreamClass for various administrative tasks.

DreamClass has empowered SWI to efficiently manage student enrollments, track attendance, and record grades. Catheryn anticipates expanding their use of DreamClass in the future, exploring features like transcript creation, invoicing, and more.

Catheryn highlighted the impact, “DreamClass has made managing classes, student enrollment, attendance, and the school calendar so much easier. It’s streamlined our administrative processes significantly.”

The Outcome

Elevating Efficiency and Collaboration with DreamClass

From Catheryn’s perspective, key benefits of using DreamClass include stellar customer service, ease in managing the platform, and clarity of information. The platform has facilitated standardized grading structures, improved attendance tracking, and enhanced the management of student enrollments.

Reflecting on the transformation, Catheryn noted, “What used to be a full-time job, I now finish in a few hours a week. It is also easier for other admin and teachers to log in and see who is signed up for what.”

Quantifying the impact, Catheryn shared specific time savings achieved through DreamClass features: the Attendance feature saved each teacher approximately 30 minutes per student, and the Grading feature saved each teacher approximately 2 hours per term.

On the positive outcomes, Catheryn exclaimed, “The time savings have been substantial. DreamClass has allowed us to dedicate more time to what truly matters – our students.”

Catheryn strongly recommends DreamClass to other schools facing similar challenges, emphasizing the well-priced product backed by excellent customer service and continuous product innovation. As a smaller school, SWI found in DreamClass a partner that consistently meets their needs for continuous improvement.

Catheryn’s endorsement is clear, “DreamClass can solve many problems for schools that are growing rapidly and may have outdated systems. If you need an easy-to-use tool with all your info in one place, this is your answer!”

Embrace the Opportunity to Transform Your School Management

In conclusion, the success story of Spirit Wellness Institute with DreamClass echoes the sentiment that a reliable School Management System goes beyond being just a tool – it becomes an invaluable partner in transforming administrative processes and fostering growth for educational institutions.

As educational institutions seek modern solutions, DreamClass stands out, offering a well-priced product with reliable customer service and continuous innovation. SWI’s endorsement showcases DreamClass as a caring and supportive partner, ensuring that schools can focus on what matters most – providing quality education to their students.

If your school is grappling with challenges akin to Spirit Wellness Institute, seize the opportunity to enhance efficiency and streamline your school management processes by adopting DreamClass!

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