Treasure State Academy: A Journey towards success with DreamClass

DreamClass offered all we needed and had great customer service. One stop shop for everything we need to see. In particular, the Sales team and Support team have been a tremendous support to our school.

Melissa Wulf
Principal of Treasure State Academy

About Treasure State Academy

Nestled in the heart of Christian education for over five decades, Treasure State Academy stands as a testament to commitment, growth, and resilience. Mrs. Melissa Wulf, the Principal and head secondary class teacher, leads a dedicated team of six teachers, supporting 64 students on their educational journey. Affiliated with Fairview Baptist Church, Treasure State Academy celebrates its 50th year, embracing the values of faith, excellence, and community.

Challenges Faced and Solutions Sought

In the wake of the post-COVID landscape, Treasure State Academy encountered a notable challenge – managing student attendance amidst a growing student body. Balancing increased workload with limited resources became a priority. Reflecting on these challenges, Melissa Wulf shares, “Post Covid, one of our biggest challenges is student attendance. As our school has grown, we have found it difficult to adapt to the increase in workload that goes along with more students and staff.”

Discovering DreamClass

A Solution with Purpose

In their quest for a solution, Treasure State Academy sought an affordable, reliable, and continually improving School Management System. The goal was clear – build a bridge between parents and teachers, streamline administration, and offer a convenient system for all. Enter DreamClass, a system that caught their attention for its budget-friendly approach, comprehensive features, and a strong commitment to customer service.

Reflecting on the decision to choose DreamClass, Melissa emphasizes, “After much prayer, consideration, and research, DreamClass seemed to be the best fit for our needs and our budget. We found DreamClass on websites that praised them for being the new one to watch out for.”

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Key Features That Sealed the Deal

DreamClass stood out for Treasure State Academy due to its combination of crucial features. Budget considerations, internet/cloud accessibility, design, secure bulk email, and constant improvements were among the factors that influenced their decision. Melissa Wulf underscores the importance of these features, stating, “DreamClass offered all we needed and had great customer service. We were pleased to see that DreamClass had Faith Based Schools using their system, and that smaller markets’ inclusion appealed to us.”

Transformative Impact on School Management

Since integrating DreamClass into their daily operations, Treasure State Academy has witnessed transformative changes. The one-stop-shop nature of the system, coupled with its user-friendly interface, became immediately apparent. Melissa shares her initial impressions, saying, “One stop shop for everything we need to see. It was also very user-friendly, and the customer service was very involved.”

Daily Utilization and Continuous Support

DreamClass became an integral part of daily operations at Treasure State Academy. Teachers, administration, and the school secretary log in daily, updating records, schedules, and making announcements. Parents enjoy seamless access to their students’ records, and Melissa updates invoices monthly. Reflecting on the support received, she expresses her satisfaction, “The Sales team and Support team have been a tremendous support to our school and been available for all my questions and concerns.”

Measurable Benefits and Time Savings

The impact of DreamClass on Treasure State Academy extends beyond convenience; it directly influences efficiency and time savings. Melissa notes, “Once we built the system and added all the data input into the system, we have saved weeks of time for our enrollment needs and updating for consecutive years.” The ability for teachers to input grades from home has streamlined grading processes, offering significant time savings during each grading period.

Endorsement and Recommendations

In concluding thoughts, Melissa Wulf emphatically recommends DreamClass to schools facing similar challenges, emphasizing its value for smaller institutions like Treasure State Academy. “As a smaller Christian, private school community, we are limited on funds for a quality system such as DreamClass, so this is an asset to schools in our community like ours that only have private funds to provide families secure, accessible, and easy access to their students’ records.”

At DreamClass, we take pride in being a part of Treasure State Academy’s journey towards excellence in education. Melissa Wulf and her team have shown dedication and resilience in overcoming challenges, and we’re honored to have played a role in their success.

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