Introducing DreamClass: the smart school management system

DreamClass - Smart school management system

What if we told you there was a way to easily create classes, assign teachers, enroll students and run successfully your school or other educational organization? Welcome to DreamClass: the smart school management system.

Let us tell you all about this new, super-efficient way to run your educational institution.

What is DreamClass?

OK, I know we kind of already said what it does up top, but what exactly is DreamClass? Let’s get down to the details. DreamClass is a School Management System (SMS) that comes with a super-friendly user interface. It’s a one-stop-shop solution that helps you easily manage all of your administrative tasks. DreamClass is also a cloud-based SaaS that keeps your data secure and is accessible from wherever you are.

Who is it for?

Good question, that. Who would want such a smart school management system? Basically it’s a scalable solution that is suitable for schools and other educational organizations of all sizes. Whatever type of educational institution which has students and classes, DreamClass can help you organize all of your procedures in the most convenient way suitable for you.

What makes DreamClass a unique solution for every school

Another good question. Put simply, because it facilitates the workflow of all educational and management-related processes. DreamClass is a really valauble tool for secretary staff, admission personnel, as well as teachers. Based on their access rights defined by you, personnel with different views have access to DreamClass and its functions. Better still, there are no costly set up fees, no installing and/or troublesome tech hardware. All you need is an Internet browser. Just create your account and you’re good to go.

What can I do with DreamClass

Here’s where things get even more interesting with our smart school management system. DreamClass is a super-convenient way for educational institutions of any size to organize their classes, students and teachers listings. At its core is the fact that DreamClass incorporates a list of features that make complicated and repetitive administrative tasks child’s play. Whether they are school-related or general management processes.

With the DreamClass smart school management system, you can now easily:

  • Organize academic periods
  • Register your new students with their detailed profile and also simply re-register old students to the current academic session by simply transferring their data
  • Group your students into classes or courses in a flexible way based on how you structure your curriculum
  • Assign teachers to groups
  • Map groups to classrooms
  • Organize/Schedule timetables for all of your classes
  • Manage tuition fees and monitor due payments
  • Manage grading of students
  • Notify students and parents for changes,
  • Enter assessments (coming soon)

It’s all academic really, the only smart school management system

Get started today!

It’s all academic really (pun intended). The only smart school management system to ensure the most efficient running of any type of educational organization is DreamClass. Quite simply, we believe it’s the simplest and most effective (and the most affordable) way to manage every aspect of your school or educational institution.

Get started in minutes right now! There’s no lengthy setup procedures, no installing, no need to arrange for demos, or calls with sales, etc.