Looking for a K12 online school admission system? Try DreamClass

Looking for a K12 online school admission system? Try DreamClass

Is admission management in your school all about paper-based processes? And, do you get to spend hours organizing, processing and filing paper copies of student applications? Then it’s about time you made a change. With a K12 online school admission system, such as DreamClass, you’ll leave all these time-consuming tasks in the past.

Read on to find out more about it.

Ready to leave paper-based and spreadsheet admission management methods behind?

Head of admissions, admissions officer, administrator or head teacher? No matter your title, if you’re the person responsible for running admissions in your school, you’ll know the challenges and the hurdles involved in it, better than we do. Increased costs, in both payrolls and stationery, mistakes, repeated tasks, delays, and dissatisfied parents, are only some of them. 

That being the case, excellent organizational and time-management skills are not enough to make up for the lack of the right tools. You’re probably aware of the fact that things have long changed in school management, due to technological advancements. And, so did your customers. Edutech solutions help make admissions easier; and keep your customers satisfied.

So, if your goal is to maintain high professional standards, inside and out your school, it’s wise to upgrade your school management, today. Choosing an online school admission system that offers more than admission management, is probably a good idea.

How does a K12 online school admission system, like DreamClass, help the admission process?

A K12 online school admission system, like DreamClass — or an online enrollment management system, as it is alternatively called — helps you simplify the admission and the enrollment process of your K12 school. With it, you can complete the following tasks:

  • Create online digital admission forms, in seconds.
  • Modify admission forms and shape them the way that matches your school’s needs. You don’t need to be tech-savvy for that. 
  • Use custom fields in your admission forms, to collect all the information you need. It only takes a few clicks to collect information, such as the family’s primary language, health information, such as student allergies, and the person responsible to pick up the child after class.  
  • Make your admission forms public; and share the link with your audience, to enroll new students. 
  • To ensure that past students’ guardians are informed about the additional courses they may pursue, prepare private admission forms to share with them. 
  • Allow for parents and guardians of past students to keep an eye on the progress of their admission forms. 
  • Give parents and guardians the option to pay a registration fee, upon completing their admission forms. That’s feasible, using a payment link you may add on an admission form. 
  • Work on admission forms, processing them cooperatively with members of your school personnel. You may do so, while you keep track of the changes you make. 
  • Have total control on the data parents and guardians fill in the admission application forms, before you decide to add them to your student cards, with a few clicks. 

Why should I choose a K12 online school admission system, like DreamClass?

The functionality described above is only part of what you’ll find in our K12 online school admission system. You may find out more as to how the admissions feature works, here. As for the actual changes DreamClass will bring in improving your school community’s admission process, here are some examples:

Releases school personnel from excessive workload

Tedious and time-consuming admission-oriented tasks will no longer burden you and the rest of your team. As you’ll see for yourself, in practice, the functionality described above helps you sail through the admissions process. Thus, if you needed extra pairs of hands during admission days, in the past, this will no longer be necessary. You and your school personnel will only serve parents — if needed — by scheduling for an in-person school tour. 

Makes admissions as easy as pie for parents and guardians

You’ll offer your customers — parents and guardians — a satisfying experience, right from the beginning of your collaboration. You’ll give them the leeway to enroll their children at a convenient time. That is to say, parents don’t need to visit the school to enroll their children. Neither do they need to spend extra time downloading and printing application forms. New customers are able to fill in the online application form and pay the registration fees, while parents of older students will find everything they need in the guardian portal. 

Are you in a “Currently enrolling” state? Use a K12 online school admission system!

Is your school in a “Currently enrolling” mode? Why not use a K12 online school admission system, such as DreamClass, to help parents get on board with ease? Give our free trial a go; simulate your school admissions process and see the difference it will make to your school, for yourself!

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