DreamClass: The College Attendance Management System of today

DreamClass: The College Attendance Management System of today

Much ink has been spilled on whether college attendance should be compulsory or not. Whatever the case in your higher education organization, with a college attendance management system like DreamClass, you’ve got the leeway to monitor attendance in an efficient way; as and when necessary. 

All the more so, if attendance is 100% mandatory in your college. Indeed, with DreamClass, you’ve got a student academic management system that makes attendance management a breeze. Same is true, even if you’re favoring a laissez-faire approach that allows lecturers to track attendance at will. With DreamClass, they’ll be able to do so in seconds. 

So, how does attendance management work in DreamClass?

College attendance management, with DreamClass

With our college attendance management system, administrators and faculty members can track attendance easily, storing information online. When attendance information is available in digital records, it’s then easier to use said records in the future, for reference.

Track attendance online

To track attendance with DreamClass, you first need to schedule your lessons. Then, all you have to do is use the attendance forms that have been automatically created for you, to massively track student attendance, at once. And that only takes a few clicks.

So, tracking attendance starts with lecture scheduling. In particular, you can easily schedule your lessons digitally, in seconds, by specifying date, time and duration; along with tutor, lesson title and the classroom said lesson will take place, in the available forms. Matching scheduled lessons with specific classrooms and having them available online, makes it easier for your students — especially the new entrants — to find them on time and attend, with no trouble at all. And, the way to do so with DreamClass, is by creating a digital representation of your classrooms; specifying capacity and also organizing them into groups that could represent, for example, the structure of your premises, such as floors, building blocks etc.

Once lecture scheduling is complete, you can then work on ready-made rosters for each one of your scheduled lessons. Each one of them contains the list of students enrolled in a course. There, you can take attendance in seconds, by setting an attendance status for each student — or en masse — in the preferred values (present, absent, late etc.) with only a click. In a similar fashion, you may clear attendance data at once.  All in all, you’ll enjoy sophisticated functionality that makes college attendance management as simple as a, b, c. 

In a similar fashion, without increasing your college’s administrative burden, you can assign attendance tracking tasks to tutors. By giving them access to a teacher’s portal, tutors themselves are then able to track attendance within class.

Get the most of your college attendance data tracked in your system

Once you track attendance for a scheduled lesson, you’ll then be able to monitor student attendance data for each one of your college courses. More specifically, both tutors and attendance specialists or administrators will be able to navigate attendance calendars from their portals; and, view student lists with attendance data. In particular, they’ll view detailed attendance information, such as the number of days each student was present, absent, late etc. together with lesson details and comments they may have added. In a similar fashion, they’ll also be able to access daily attendance calendars for courses, with equivalent information, available for specific dates. Note here that the aforementioned information is available to tutors only for the courses they’re responsible for. 

Last but not least, tutors will also be able to access automatically-created performance report cards. These cards contain summarized attendance information, together with grades — as entered in the respective cards — for each one of the students enrolled in a course.

Become a competitive college using the attendance management functionality in DreamClass

Many colleges and universities use attendance as a criterion to decide on whether students are allowed to take part in exams; while others use attendance to help determine grades. On the other side of the spectrum, attendance may also serve as a yardstick to measure student satisfaction; and, thus, help improve student retention. To that end, you may leverage DreamClass, in the following ways:

  • Help students make up for any missed lectures, by sharing links on lesson content, directly on the scheduled lectures calendar; which is available from their portals. 
  • Work on attendance data that are available online to take notice of students’ declining attendance, which may be an indicator of student dissatisfaction and may be a sign of retention risk. Paying attention to such information helps take action early on, to re-engage students who are at risk of leaving. 
  • Send notifications on absences or preemptively forward attendance reports to student emails. This serves as a motivational messaging system that helps improve student engagement and reduce absenteeism.
  • Assign instructors the aforementioned tasks and, thus, give the ability to track attendance easily, so that they’ll keep students engaged; increasing student success and thus minimize college drop-out rates. 
  • Last but not least, enhancing communication between students and tutors, with student and teacher portals. 

Additional college administrative operations facilitated by DreamClass

Apart from college attendance management, DreamClass also helps you manage a long list of tasks and processes, critical to your college operation, efficiently. In particular, among other things, you’ll also find the following functionality:  

  • Admission management 
  • Tuition fee management  
  • Performance management

Take a look at our features page; find out more about the functionality in DreamClass and the different ways it can be of help for your college.  

And, of course, give it a try!

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