How to use an online grading tool for K-6 teachers

How to use an online grading tool for K-6 teachers

Are you a K-6 teacher? If so, then you’ll agree with me that there are way more important things to be concerned about rather than worry as to how you’ll deal with marks, grades and gradebooks. With an online grading tool for K-6 teachers, such as DreamClass, you can automate gradebook and performance management.

How to make the most out of an online grading tool for K-6 teachers, like DreamClass 

Here’s a list of ways you can improve the way you work with paper gradebooks: 

Choose the grading system that best fits your school’s needs

With only a few clicks, you can choose the grading system to represent your students grades and adapt the results of calculations accordingly. More specifically, you can map different grading systems to different gradebooks you’ll create to serve different classes. You may also choose different grading systems for each one of the grades– columns–  of a gradebook. In particular, the available grading scales you’ll find in DreamClass are the following:

  • Letter grade/Value selector A-F
  • Pass/Fail that correspond to 100 and 50) 
  • Numeric 0-100 (interval 1)
  • Numeric 0-10 (interval 0.1)

Enjoy color-coded gradebook tables to represent different grading levels

There may be cases that you’ll need to have a glance at a class gradebook, so as to get a grasp of their overall performance. With DreamClass, it’s easy to standardize scores and map different colors to different levels of a grading scale, in advance. The effect of coloring of each grade happens upon entering a specific grade. For instance, you can map green to Pass and red to Fail. This way once you enter the results of a specific test on your class gradebook table, you’ll automatically have a multicolored column, indicative of your class’s performance. 

Create gradebook templates and use them for all of your classes

There’s nothing more tedious and more wasteful than repeating the same chores or tasks. 

Creating same – or slightly modified – gradebook structures from scratch adds no value to your work routine. With an online grading tool for K-6 teachers, such as DreamClass, you can save the work you have already done and reuse the gradebooks you have created. To elaborate, you can, in advance, set up a gradebook with the aforementioned functionality. That’s including grade columns, grade categories as groups of grade columns with specific grading systems and calculating function (grade averages or weighted averages). And once you do so, you can map your templates to your digital courses and have them ready for the rest of your teachers to start using them, directly from their own profiles.

Let automated calculations do the work for you

As you would expect, the core benefit of an online grading tool for K-6 teachers, such as DreamClass, is that you no longer need to do grade calculations by hand. You just fill in your students’ grades; and you then see the class’s average grades calculated for each one of the grade columns you add. Same is true for the finals. Specifically, the class average, as well as an individual student’s grade, are calculated for you. The only thing you need to do on your part is to select the calculation function, in advance: average or weighted average.

Not just gradebooks: monitor student performance with ease

An online grading tool for K-6 teachers usually comes with additional functionality that allows you to keep tabs on students’ performance, as a whole, without the hassle. With DreamClass, for example, apart from the digital gradebooks you’ll create, with only a few clicks, you’ll also be able to overview additional performance-related items that will be automatically created for you.

In particular, with DreamClass’ student performance management functionality, you’ll be able to view and further work on following ready-made items, in each one of your students’ profiles:

  • transcripts 
  • results 
  • report cards 
  • progress reports

In a similar fashion, functionality related to class performance management comes with tools, such as the following: 

  • results 
  • final grades 
  • assessments

DreamClass: more than an online grading tool for K-6 teachers

Now, sure enough, monitoring student performance with gradebooks, performance transcripts and other digital tools helps teachers like you save time. But, still, there are aspects in class management that need improvement. Same is true for your school management, as a whole. With DreamClass, our online grading tool for K-6 teachers, you’ll get access to functionality that helps you address and better manage various tasks and chores that burden teachers and school administrators, such as the following:

You may see the whole list of things you can do for your K-6 school, here. You may also try DreamClass for free, and see how grading and other features help make a difference in your school, for yourself!

Try it, today!