DreamClass is the Student Management Software for your college

DreamClass is the Student Management Software for your college

Are you looking for a cost-effective and lightweight Student Management Software for your college to help you run things more efficiently? DreamClass is exactly what you need. And that’s true whether you’re aiming to replace a heavy, legacy enterprise system with a new, more efficient software solution, or just starting from scratch with your new educational institution. 

“But how exactly does DreamClass help me manage my college easier?”, I can almost hear you thinking. Well, it all boils down to this; DreamClass, comes with a rich feature set that go hand in hand with basic/core administrative tasks you, your teachers or any supporting staff execute repetitively. These features allow you to perform all these day-to-day tasks smoothly, like clockwork. Let’s walk you through some of the tasks you can perform with our student management software; get a glimpse at how it can be beneficial to your college.  

But, before that, here’s what makes DreamClass a great solution for your college, contrary to other alternatives.  

A Student Management Software for your college that will make a world of difference 

As mentioned, if you already employ a heavy, legacy enterprise system that burdens you with maintenance costs, stresses you out with service hassles that occur every now and again; making you feel like it’s not suitable for new college needs, it’s time for a change. With DreamClass you’ll be able to leave all these problems behind and enjoy convenient, facilitating features.

Here’s what you get

  1. No installation is needed. You need only create an account with your business email and you’ll be ready to build your college upon it.  
  2. No need to worry about maintenance issues. DreamClass is a platform that runs on the cloud. All you have to worry about is how to make it work best for your college. On our part we’re always hard at work to make it more efficient for you, resolving any issues that may arise. So, rest assured that you’ll enjoy a seamless experience using a real student management software for your college. 
  3. You don’t need to invest precious time to learn the ropes; nor need you devote resources to train your faculty and personnel to use it. DreamClass comes with a really intuitive user interface that allows for a small learning curve for all users. That’s something we’re proud of.
  4. No need for you or your personnel to retain physical presence at the office, to access DreamClass. That’s because DreamClass is a cloud service; one that allows you access from any browser. Just as you would browse your emails. You just need internet connectivity.

Note here that points 1 and 3 aptly describe what we mean by lightweight. 

Safe and secure

You can set up your workflow without compromising the security of your data. More specifically, with DreamClass you can rest assured that student data remain secure on the cloud; which is more reliable than any other storage system. All in all, it’s a great, easy, time-saving solution, when it comes to student management software for your college.

But, what about its core features? Let’s get straight to the meat of our article. Here’s an overview of the tasks you can easily perform with DreamClass. 

Core college administrative tasks, made simple with Student Management Software

Fundamental — or more specialized — administrative tasks need to be able to be easily completed by both the administrative and faculty staff. And that’s exactly what DreamClass has to offer your college.  More specifically, student management software for your college you can help you complete these, following tasks:

  • Student admission and readmission 
  • Enrollment management
  • All student records easily available to you 
  • Alumni and former students’ records safely stored in our cloud-based student management software.
  • Curriculum creation and management  
  • Courses and classes management  
  • Academic calendar management: current and past academic calendars
  • College tuition management  

What are your college needs? 

Is your college a spin-off of a larger university? Do you support a smaller number of students but still need to support all college administrative tasks? Does your college need a specialized curriculum? Do you aim to offer a personalized academic experience by restricting class size? 

Ask yourself these questions. But, whatever your needs, chances are our student management software offers exactly what you need for your college. 

Why you should choose DreamClass 

Are you committed to offering high-quality education? With the assistance of student management software for your college, you can work wonders. With DreamClass, you can reduce running costs; and, you can also attract and retain exceptionally capable faculty staff. Make a business decision that will define your college’s distinct offering. Establish a competitive advantage over colleges that struggle with management issues. Offer your students, your teachers, faculty and staff a tool that helps perform all administrative tasks more efficiently. Try DreamClass for free, till the end of September. See the benefits our student management software brings to your college, for yourself! 

Try it now!

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