You just found your Student Information System Software!

Have you been juggling with multiple Spreadsheets or been on the ball only to run basic administrative operations in your school? Don’t you wish you could just have it all digitally organized and gathered in one place? Wouldn’t it be better if you could have ready-made forms, cards and structures that automate each and every one administrative task and process you run in your school, within arm’s reach? If yes, then you just found your Student Information System Software! In DreamClass, your all-in-one school management software you’ll find everything you need to run your school administration like clockwork. 

Read on to find out more about it!

How to make the most out of DreamClass: your Student Information System Software

Below, we explain in detail the different ways your new Student Information System Software helps you manage a host of school administrative tasks. With it you will not only automate repetitive and routine tasks; you’ll also reduce mistakes and make everyday responsibilities a breeze. On top of that, with DreamClass you also nurture students’, teachers’ and guardians’ experience; making school life better within and outside class. Here’s how:

Manage admissions efficiently, with your Student Information System Software

Easily create stepped admission application forms, with ready-made templates that are easy to modify. Shape them in a way that helps your school, gather all the necessary data, share them publicly online with a single click and register new students; or create private forms and use them internally to re-register past students. Monitor the whole admissions process from step zero to the end; and break the application review process down to steps so that you can manage the workload required efficiently.

Have all student information organized in digital student cards 

Make the most out of the editable student cards that allow you to gather all students’ information easily, in one place. Store personal and contact information and keep track of all the necessary academic information related to each one of your students; such as the school periods they may have been attending or currently attending.

Enroll students to classes, in seconds

With DreamClass, your student information system software, you can create a digital representation of all the classes your school is offering; and then distribute students to them so that you manage all related information easily. You can keep track of the number of students attending each and every one of the classes you’re currently offering. You may also track similar information for all the academic programs you may run in parallel or past ones.

Create gradebooks and manage performance data without a hitch 

Keep track of each student’s academic progress, making the most out of digital gradebooks; with automated calculations, such as class averages. Create your gradebooks, making them as sophisticated or as simple as is convenient, per case; and save them as templates, to use the same structure in different classes. You may also make the most out of the different student performance forms/records that are automatically created for you. Namely, with transcripts, report cards and performance summaries that combine gradebook and attendance data, you can keep an eye on the performance of each student. In a similar way, you can keep tabs on the performance of an entire class; or the school, as a whole.

Make the most out of timetable management functionality

You can create your school’s timetable in seconds, schedule lessons for all of your classes and avoid classroom and teacher conflicts. Not only this, you may also add school events and have personalized calendars shared with students and teachers, on their portals.

Perform a long list of school administrative tasks, with no sweat at all

  • Manage student attendance easily; keeping track of all pertinent details, such as how many minutes they ran late.
  • Enjoy seamless, asynchronous communication between teachers and students, teachers and guardians. Offer them multiple communication tools, such as emails and SMS; and send out automatic messages whenever there’s urgency.
  • Manage student tuition fees and teacher payments, easily. Allow for students to access invoices issued to them from their portal; and proceed with tuition fee payments, registration fees etc.
  • Get insights on academic issues, such as student performance; and, also, on operational issues, with reports that are automatically created for you. 
  • And there’s more! Your student information system software comes with a whole bag of tricks, such as notes, tags, custom fields, and so forth; with it, you’ll make light work of school management!

Ready to switch to your new Student Information System Software?

If you’re thinking of going digital, in order to streamline all school operations, and if you’re looking for top-notch features that help you run all school operations efficiently, then DreamClass is exactly what you need. With our cloud-based software solution, you’ll be able to run all of your school administrative tasks online; from wherever you are. Our student information system software is a holistic solution that pays off from day one. You may give it a try, for free, and see the difference it makes to your school management, for yourself!

Try DreamClass, today, for FREE!

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