Get parents notified with your Student Attendance Management System

Get parents notified with your Student Attendance Management System

What’s the first thing you or the faculty teachers check when you enter your classroom? It’s, without a doubt, the number of students that are present. No lesson can get started until you know exactly who’s missing. Much more so when your students are children and you need to check with parents early on, of any absence you were unaware of. No delay is warranted. With a student attendance management system already in your hands, this task will no longer give you headaches.

But, the truth is, a student attendance management system does not only serve this imperative need to notify parents when their children are absent from class. Now, we’ve previously discussed this here, on our blog; with a solution like DreamClass, you get to organize all of your attendance records in one place. That is to say, leaving behind obsolete, error-prone and time-consuming processes. You just have student attendance data safe and readily shareable, to use it whenever you need. And that covers for the internal processes of your school. 

How can a student attendance management system affect your relationship with parents? 

Using a student attendance management system at your school, helps you build trust in your relationship with parents. And that’s because you’re in the position to immediately — and with unfaltering timeliness — update them regarding their children’s absence. That’s consistence for you. More specifically, with DreamClass you can:

1. Get them notified on unexpected absences 

“No show”

When a child has not made it to your class, you need be worried, as this could mean many things. The absence may be justifiable, but you cannot be sure before you check. And, in any case, there’s a parent or a legal guardian who needs to be reassured that their child is safe and sound, attending school, as expected.

This is even more stressful when it comes to younger students. Their absence may be justifiable, but you absolutely need to inform their parents or guardians, as soon as possible. That way, any appropriate actions can be taken, sooner than later.

When it comes to teens, things may get a bit tricky. The safety of all students is, again, a major priority. But, there is a matter of equal importance. A student that’s frequently absent may suffer from low scores and performance, or even fail to qualify for the next grade, next year. You and their parents will need to act before frequent absence becomes a problem. 

Being sick

Students may attend school in the morning, but then come up with a weak excuse to get the rest of the day off with sick leave. Parents and guardians need to know all about it (a child might, or might not be faking their level of distress)

Playing truant

Much more importantly, parents and guardians should especially be notified when children don’t show up entirely, playing truant. Won’t you need to instantly inform parents or guardians of their absence? Of course you would! But, what’s the easiest way to do this?

With a student attendance management system, you’re able to timely register any absence. The system will instantly send a notification to parents or guardians. It’s an easy task teachers can complete from their PCs in a few moments before they can proceed with their teaching.

2. Have all the attendance data gathered for next parents briefing 

Apart from the occasional urgent notification, parents require extensive reporting on their children’s overall absence. That’s largely what you have to deal with on your scheduled briefing day. You have the time to prepare for a scheduled occasion. But what if, without you expecting it, they show up for a brief ad-hoc visit at the school? Going through hand-written records to find the information you need — and then have a discussion — might not be so productive. Having all student information available on your screen, with exact dates on absences, makes all the difference in the world in saving time. Not to mention, it leaves them thinking highly of your school.

Read on, to see exactly how this little improvement is perceived by parents. 

Can your student attendance management system improve your school’s reputation? 

Yes indeed, it can. Apart from what we’ve already discussed, you may also use this level of automation to your advantage. Letting the parents of new students know that you do have such a system in place, may be the catalyst to their decision in choosing your school or academy against others. They’ll know exactly what to expect regarding their children’s safety. Parents value professionals that take their commitment a step further, to improve their offering. Especially, when this offering concerns their own children. They want “ the best service” there is to find.

And, even if you don’t actively promote it, just think of how pleasantly surprised they would be, by your professionalism. This level of quality in services provided, might also urge them to suggest your school or academy to other parents. And you’d build a reputation as a safe and reliable place to entrust their young children to, for the better part of every day.


Joining forces with parents for the children’s safety and benefit, is feasible with a student attendance management system such as DreamClass. And, consistently updating parents on students’ attendance, is only one of its benefits. There are so much more benefits you can reap out of it!

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