Custom fields, detailed attendance, updated invoice management and more

Custom fields, detailed attendance, updated invoice management and more

It’s been almost two months since our latest product release and we’re finally ready to lift the curtain and guide you through the changes we’ve been making all this time. Hoping to make your day-to-day school management much more efficient, we’ve worked our way through making some major improvements on different aspects of our product. That includes Custom fields, detailed attendance, updated invoice management, and more.

Although you may have already noticed some of them, let’s have a quick walkthrough, to find out more about it. 

Customize profiles, adding fields that make sense in your school

You are now able to further customize the profiles of your students, parents and teachers, simply by adding the fields you need in each one of them. To further explain, suppose that apart from the default personal and contact fields in student profiles, you need an extra field to represent an additional attribute, such as the number of enrolled siblings, for example; you’re now able to do so. More specifically, you can create custom fields for students, teachers and guardians, using the proper field type — text, checkbox, long text or number — based on your needs. Once you do so, all profile cards will have that field attribute available; all you’ll have to do is specify the value. 

Detailed attendance data (comments and delay time)

Up till now, all you could track with the attendance management feature in DreamClass was student attendance status (present, unexcused absence, excused absence, expulsion, late). We know how important it is for you to have detailed information, regarding student attendance.  That’s why we now give you the option to add comments on student attendance status, if you wish. On top of that, you are also able to track student tardiness, by filling in the minutes they’ve run late. This way, you’ll accumulate valuable insights, to help evaluate their performance and keep parents in the loop.

Upload student documents 

With DreamClass, you’re able to gather all student information in one place. One one hand you have the information you’ll typically register, by filling in the respective field groups for personal information. On the other hand, you can add custom information using the new custom fields we just introduced. Not to mention, you’re now able to upload documents. And not only that, you’re also able to add details such as name and description; and, also, label them, using color-coded tags. In doing so, you’ll manage to quickly scan student docs and find out what’s missing. The documents you upload can be any type of docs you may need to have access to, such a Proof of identity, Proof of residence, Certification of studies or any other type of doc. 

Extra tags to group your entities 

Up till now, you could only create class tags, to group your classes into clusters, so that you can filter and find exactly what you need. We’ve extended this functionality, giving you the additional choice to create tags to group students, teachers and files.

Updated invoice management, with session-based fees and late add-on fees

With our new session-based fees, you’re now able to invoice students, based on the number of sessions they have attended. In addition to this, you can also add fees to invoices you have already created. We’ve made this change to help anyone who needs to add a late-fees charge. So, now, you can easily add a fee on an invoice you have already sent out.

More intuitive navigation with our improved interface

As you may have noticed, we’ve made a short and sweet change that allows you to go straight to your school settings and your current period settings. You’ll find the respective navigation buttons at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, under the “Manage & Configure” option. In addition to this, we’ve also changed the classes tab from “card view” to “list”, so that you can easily scan class names in seconds.

Release Notes

New features

  • Added a “Files” tab that allows you to upload and store a list of essential documents directly into student profiles 
  • Added a Custom Fields component that allows you to create your own attribute fields in profiles
  • Improved invoices with session-based fees, to charge students based on the number of teaching sessions 
  • Extended tags functionality for Students, Teachers and Files, to filter information efficiently.


  • Improved attendance tracking that now allows you track detailed attendance information, adding comments on student attendance status and delay time for late status.
  • Added late fees charge  
  • Improved navigation with links to the “School” and “Current period” settings 
  • Changed the “Classes” tab from “Card view” to “List”
  • Moved “Subjects” from School Periods into the “School” section

Bug fixes

  • Teacher login issue has been fixed

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