7 reasons why you need School Administration Software

7 reasons why you need School Administration Software

If you think you are spending too much time on repetitive administrative tasks, it might be time for you to take one step up and make the transition to utilizing a school administration software solution. By doing so, you will not only automate a long list of tedious and bureaucratic tasks;. you’ll also manage to increase efficiency, in total. Not to mention, make school administration, as a whole, much more effective. And you’ll achieve that without budgeting extra time to keep your system up to date; nor a great deal of money, to implement that solution for your school. 

7 ways a school administration software solution transforms your school management workflows

You’ve probably read a lot as to the core features included in a school administration software solution. Typically, they’ll all help make administrative tasks much more efficient. The majority of such solutions include functionality such as the following: 

But, the truth is, a question worth answering is: “What is the value you’ll get in terms of day-to-day tasks?” 

In what follows, we’ll try to answer that question. More specifically, we’ll show seven different ways a school administrative software solution, such as DreamClass, helps you make light work of these tasks. 

Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and stationery costs, with school administration software

No need to print and hand transcripts off to students and parents. They’ll both have access to various performance data ,such as gradebooks, progress reports and report cards, directly from their portals.

Minimize book-keeping related to former students

Don’t need to archive graduating student records. With no effort at all, you’ll have access to graduate and past student records. The same is true if you typically run multiple school periods or school programs in parallel; student records and the relevant academic data will be available to administrators and teachers in charge.

Streamline data-entry tasks and improve accuracy

You won’t need to re-enter information. The system, itself, guides you into entering the information once; and you may use the stored information whenever you need it. This way you manage to reduce mistakes, eliminate duplicates and, also, prevent omissions of data. All in all, you no longer need to perform repetitive tasks.

Facilitate gradebook management, with school administration software

Teachers don’t need to devote extra time to creating gradebooks or making calculations to finalize student grades. Automation available in gradebook management allows you to create gradebook templates and reuse them in multiple classes. In particular, teachers are able to set the preferred grading scale and shape up a structure that will allow for calculations such as totals, averages and so forth, to automatically take place, as soon as teachers fill in the grades throughout the different academic terms. 

Reduce the time spent on attendance auditing tasks 

In a similar fashion, teachers don’t need to devote extra time to work on attendance data, so they can create attendance totals; or to perform any other action to audit data. They can: 

  • filter attendance data, per date
  • view attendance summaries, such as totals of absences, per student
  • inspect details, such as comments added by teachers, etc.

Only allow authorized data access to your school data 

Security of data is ensured. That is to say, only authorized personnel will access sensitive information. As a matter of fact, you’ll have control over the ways school information is accessed, and by whom. You’ll choose if and when particular information will be visible to certain groups of people. The same type of control is also available with respect to edit rights, for different groups of people (students, teachers, guardians).  

Make storing, updating and retrieving information easier 

You have multiple options as to how you’ll retrieve information, so that you’ll find exactly what you need, without delay. With automation utilities, such as search and tag functionality, for example, it takes only a few seconds to display the information you need. In particular, the search functionality allows you to filter information and only dig up the part that is useful, per case. 

In a similar fashion, the tagging functionality allows you to group information with labels, so that you need only a single click to view only teachers labeled as full-time, for example. Finally, show and hide functionality such as active and inactive student lists allows you to make visible only the information that you need, each time.

Wondering if school administration software will make a difference in your school? 

If so, give  DreamClass a try for one week; See how all the above and additional hidden functionality helps make routine administrative tasks much easier, for yourself. On our part, we’re constantly working on making improvements that make such functionality more intuitive. And that’s so administrators, teachers, students and parents can get the most out of it.

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