Advantages of a School Information Management System

Advantages of a School Information Management System

Creating great learning opportunities for all your students is, without a doubt, one of your top priorities as a teacher, trainer or school administrator. To achieve that, you’ll probably have to focus on honing your teaching approaches; given that you’ve already set everything else in place. But how do you succeed in making your school’s management flows run smoothly and effortlessly? Well, to save yourself the extra hassle without cutting corners, you should turn your attention to a school information management system

The word “system” might sound familiar to you, as a teacher or school manager. But it has nothing to do with teaching practices and approaches. It’s all about the management of your school, academy or any type of educational institution you may be part of. To be on the safe side, let’s take a look at a short definition. Just in case you’re not familiar with it. 

What is exactly a school information management system? 

A school information management system is essentially a software solution that allows you to organize all school operations and tasks effectively. More specifically, it helps manage students, teachers, classes, courses and any other structural element of your school, without a hitch. All core administrative tasks and procedures, such as student admission, class creation and distribution are easily completed from your computer; allowing you to have total control of your school management, right on your fingertips. Isn’t that enticing?

Incidentally, if you’ve answered no and you’ve been calling its necessity into question, then read on.   

Do I really need a school information management system for my school?

Well, let’s say you don’t; and let’s see how your school management routine goes without it, all year round. 

Juggling with student and teacher records: the “old school” way 

Let’s assume you’re at the beginning of a new school period that has just started; and you’re about to welcome your new students. First, you need to register your students; and make sure all essential information, such as contact details and anything else needed, is properly “written down” on paper. And then, what about your previous season’s students? Record keeping is needed for the, as well. But, how many of them will join your classes this time? And has their information been kept to date? Of course, some may have changed location, address, phone numbers. And all this should be updated and valid.

No matter what method you might be using to store information, be it XLS files or even notebook papers without errors, you need to make sure you have everything rigorously inspected and double checked. To put it differently, you might even need to triple-check your records and then try to keep them all constantly updated. 

The same is true for teachers’ information. You need to have all contact details gathered in one place, before you can easily access them whenever you need them. Some of them are particularly useful in case of an emergency and others on daily routine tasks.

Note that even if you run a small academy or you’re just a small team of dedicated teachers that work together towards your educational goals, it’s equally important for you to have all this information filed in one place, with great diligence. Right then! What’s next?   

Organizing your curriculum

Following registrations, you need to organize your classes. So, it’s time to do your planning regarding your classes, departments (if any), school grade structures and anything else you might need.  The plan of your curriculum, essentially depicts how your school period will flow. But, how do you plan to get it organized? It looks as if it’s a rather challenging undertaking. 

Class distribution or who gets what and when?

By now, it’s time to map students to classes and delegate classes to teachers. Who’s going to be in charge of this lesson? And who’s needed to cooperate with whom, to make things run smoothly? The challenge here, is probably to make sure you have all students equally distributed into the appropriate classes. All the while, making sure that all timetables are set in place and easily adjustable. That way, you can keep all the interested parts updated about any change that happens. Substitute teachers — temporal or permanent, courses cancellations and any other modifications should be executed without delay and communicated right away. That’s the only viable way to get your school up and running nowadays.

Who’s paying the bill? — Fees, payments and other financial headaches

Among other things, you’ll have to make sure all your expenses and financial records are properly organized. Your faculty and supporting staff payroll needs to promptly be set in order; and student tuition fees should be settled in a timely manner. Otherwise, you’ll find yourselves in need to allude to the matter, very obliquely even, to parents, students or anyone else responsible for due payments.   

Truth be told, it seems there’s a lot of hassle you’re called upon to deal with, in order to keep your school’s management in ship shape. But there is no need to stress about it. Here’s how easily you can accomplish all of the above and many other routine tasks with a school management information system, such as our own DreamClass.   

Advantages of a School Information Management System 

First, let’s focus on the core benefit a school information management system allows you to enjoy. Since it’s a software solution, developed to exclusively help school administrators and teachers, there is no need for multitasking and all the constant task switching among a plethora of systems or applications (extra paperwork aside), only to make things work. 

Student admission made easy for you

All students entries are made easier than ever before. You can store all student information in one place, accessible from your browser. It’s easier than ever to modify, update and share information with other teachers and colleagues. And, as for your old school students, at the stroke of your pen you can register them to new school periods; based on your curriculum. And no pens will be harmed!

All class and lesson management in your hands

Without a doubt, with a school information management system, such as our own DreamClass, you can have your curriculum structure ready, in a few clicks. It’s so simple to create classes, lessons, departments and anything else you need. And, thus, you can have your learning goals structured into entities that can be easily modified. 

Manage students and teachers effortlessly

The non-abstract entities that make up your school in its core are no longer distributed in separate means of storage; neither are they written in stone. Going “paperless” allows your living entities to be assigned and modified in any way you may need; making your whole school organization more functional and spry than ever before.

Easily contact students and teachers 

And there’s more. With DreamClass, you can also open communication channels to inform students and teachers of any subject that might concern them. More specifically, you can easily contact students and teachers in a grouped or individual manner. That’s by sending them reminders or any kind, or informative emails. All that, without even switching to your email client. No need for any extra SIS.

Keep your payroll and outstanding payments in check

Keep all data regarding due and outstanding payments stored in one place. Monitor all financial data and make use of massive (or personal) notifications on pending payments. That way, financial data management for your school will never give you a hard time again.

These are only some of the benefits of a School Information Management System such as DreamClass allows you to enjoy. If you’re interested in learning all about the key benefits you’ll get by using DreamClass, take a look at the complete feature list. See how easier it makes school management, for yourself.  

You’ve probably been wondering whether such a school information management system is worth the effort or not. Whether you’re in charge of a small team of teachers and trainers or a larger one, we have this to say: 

Make your school information management easier today! 

Give it a try and get the most out of it, within our initial 6-month free offering. See for yourself how DreamClass helps manage all students, teachers, classes, payments and any routine administrative task you need to tackle. Focus all your energy on your students and getting them educated. Let your school services shine with fine-tuned procedures that make all faculty and staff as well as students’ lives easier; and helps your school stand out from the crowd. 

Try it now!

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