DreamClass awarded best customer support for 2022, by Software Advice

DreamClass - Best Customer Support 2022

Wait a minute? Did you just say DreamClass was awarded “Best Customer Support for 2022”?  You heard us right and saying we are grateful for this is an understatement. If you’re looking for school management software with best customer support, we’re right here for you. We’re proud to share with you something you may have already noticed οn our homepage; DreamClass has been awarded the best customer support for 2022 badge – by Software Advice! Let us tell you more about this recognition and what it means for you. 

We understand how important it is for your school  to get all the support it needs, while making the switch to a new software system. And, on our part, that was our top priority, right from the beginning of our journey. We’ve been trying to offer you the best customer support; given, of course, the resources available to us, as we’re growing. And it’s that effort has been recognized by our customers, through the Software Advice platform that we’re beating our own drum for!

DreamClass: school management software with the best customer support

DreamClass received the “best customer support for 2022” badge, by Software Advice. It’s a (great) fact! Software Advice, in short, is a product review listing service that helps businesses – like yours –  find the software solution they need. Software Advice has more than 1M verified user reviews in 600 software categories. School management software solutions is one of them. So, based on verified customer reviews and product data, DreamClass has been listed as a school management software solution with best customer support for 2022! How great is that? 

Now if you’re wondering why you should care about this, read on!

What does ‘best customer support for 2022’ badge mean for you?

If you’re already one of our customers, you’ll know firsthand how much we value your opinion and how hard we strive to create the best customer service experience for you. Just think of how important it is for you to best serve your own customers; parents, guardians and students. We feel you on that; that’s why we’ll do our best to stand by your side, right from the beginning; the moment you give our platform a try. With live demos and onboarding sessions — in case you need them — we do our best to answer all of your questions and, henceforward, respond to all of your requests, making our solution even better. Software Advice’s badge is just a reflection of your own comments on that effort of ours. You highlighted our solution as school management software with best customer support, by recognizing – among other things – the following:

  • The effort we put in offering responsive support, showing you the ropes of your new school management software. We know how important it is for you to have a smooth start. 
  • That we do our best to have our support team available to you, whenever you need it.
  • The effort we put in fixing issues you encounter. As soon as our customer support team reports an issue, our software developers are on their toes, to resolve it.    

Needless to say, here, we work with different types of software solutions, ourselves, on a daily basis; and we fully understand how discouraging not having all the above can be. 

Once more, we couldn’t be more grateful for your kind comments and for the ones that worked as a heads-up for us to make additional improvements to our solution. We’ll keep working hard doing our best to increase the credibility of our service, to help you deal with day-to-day school administrative tasks with confidence! .💪

Want to have the best Customer Support for your school?  Give it a try!

For those of you who have not tried our solution yet, you can take a look at what other people, in similar roles with you, said about DreamClass. People already working in the higher education industry, people running educational institutions such as K-12 schools, Faith based schools  and professionals in education management took the initiative to rate our solution and also leave constructive comments. We’re highly grateful for that. 🙏

If you’re in search of a school management software solution, you may have a look at their comments and see for yourself if they’re helpful, make sense for your education institution and help you decide.

Alternatively, you may give our service a try for free to see whether it works for your educational institution.

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